Useful Resources for GP Training


For GP Training

Managing Stress TedTalks: click here

Revalidation, when required etc:

Bradford VTS – a wealth of information on GP training!

Pennine VTS – another wealth of information, helpful advice and guidance

For GP rotation

NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries – simple clinical guidance

Northumberland self help leaflets – including anxiety, depression, self harm, stress etc

Arthritis UK leaflets – incl back, knee, shoulder exercises

Mood gym – self help CBT for depression

Mood juice – self help for anxiety, depression etc

Derm net – great Dermatology resources, good photos

When should I worry – parent info for children with resp tract infections

Spotting the sick child DoH module – very helpful for basics of assessing children

Oxfordshire CCG – for local referral guidelines etc

Primary Care Dermatology Society – helpful diagnostic and clinical guidance

FSRH – for guidelines on contraception etc

Evidence Based Medicine  Numbers needed to treat , the likelihood ratio database and Centre of EBM.


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