Out Of Programme


Taking time out of programme (OOP) is covered by the Gold Guide.

This covers time OOP for 4 reasons:

1. OOPT – time out for approved clinical training

2. OOPE – time out for clinical experience

3. OOPR – time out for research

4. OOPC – time out for career break

Within the context of GP training, which is already of quite short duration, you are unlikely to get OOP training that is approved as part of your training programme. So the most common reasons why GP trainees get time OOP is for clinical experience (such as a period of time overseas) or for a career break (such as for caring responsibilities). Time OOP is for a maximum period of two years. It is likely that your rotation will change on your return to the training programme.

In applying for OOP you need to remember that it is not an automatic right but is at the discretion of the Postgraduate Dean. In the first instance you need to get your ES, GP training team and the GP Dean to appreciate the value of what you are proposing. You cannot apply for time OOP until you have been in post for a minimum of twelve months. If you are on an NIHR ACF programme then you are not eligible to apply for time OOP.

The Oxford Deanery provides its own guidance on OOP

There are three key points that you need to demonstrate to improve your chances of a successful application:

· Why you need to take time out of programme now rather than waiting until you have completed your GP training programme.

· How this will benefit your final career aim of being an NHS UK general practitioner.

· That you have thought about, and minimised, the effect on your GP training programme e.g applying for an August – August period.


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