ESR Deadlines


ESR dates

Each trainee needs an ESR every 6 months, regardless if full-time or less-than-full-time.

Each trainee also needs a “gateway” ESR at:

  • changing between ST1 and ST2
  • changing between ST2 and ST3
  • at end of ST3

Gateway reviews are independent of 6 monthly reviews, which can get confusing for LTFTers.

The timing of gateway reviews have to coincide with a ARCP date. The ESR needs to be completed 2 weeks before the Panel date. The mid-year 6 monthly review does not need to coincide with a panel date.

ARCP Dates

This are listed on the deanery website, so for the most up-to-date version, check here.

Gateway reviews for ST1 and ST2 are usually July.

Final reviews for ST3 are usually around May.